The Chrysalis Inn and Spa - Bellingham, Washington, WA 98225, United States

Body Treatments, Wraps & Hydrotherapy

Each body treatment is designed to leave your skin with extraordinary results while providing a relaxing experience. Either a shower or hot towels may be used to remove product and may vary each visit.

Moroccan Mud Ceremony

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Experience an exotic Middle Eastern tradition. After a full body exfoliation and aromatherapy steam shower, get painted from head to toe with warm mud. Relax as the mud is baked on to soften, purify and deep cleanse your body. An aromatherapy steam and shower rinses the mud and is followed by a luxurious lotion application, shoulder and scalp massage.

90 Minutes $145

Detox Slimming Wrap & Massage

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This Authentic East Asian Slimming treatment is specific for toxin elimination and increasing the metabolism. The experience starts with a full body exfoiliation which nourishes and softens the skin preparing for the slimming wrap. Then you are wrapped in warm layers that draw toxins out, and experience a soothing scalp and face massage. The treatment finishes with a full shower followed by a 30 minute full body massage with our therapeutic massage products. Included is a Slimming Tea Formula which helps further increase the metabolism, enhance energy and remove toxins.

90 Minutes  $149

Muscle and Joint Therapy and Massage

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A powerful combination of herbal scrub exfoliation promotes circulation, Vichy shower hydrotherapy aids lymphatic detoxification, and advanced massage techniques relaxes sore and tight muscles, alleviates symptoms of pain, aids in the relief of swelling and inflammation, and strengthens muscles and joints. For optimal effectiveness, a 30 minute massage helps the body absorb Muscle & Joint therapeutic cream.

Add a 30 minute Muscle & Joint Therapeutic Soak for additional benefits.

60 Minutes $110

90 Minutes includes soaking tub $145