The Chrysalis Inn and Spa - Bellingham, Washington, 98225, United States


Chrysalis Signature Swedish Massage

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This classic technique promotes relaxation, relieves tension and stress, improves circulation and soothes aching muscles. Our Practitioners adapt their diverse advanced techniques, using light to medium pressure, to cater to your needs. This full body massage includes your choice of essential oil and added touches exclusive to our signature massage.

60/90 Minutes $95/$130

Deep Tissue Massage

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Designed to release tight, fatigued muscles and joints, this specialized massage focuses on detailed therapeutic muscle work by using stronger pressure on specific areas and working the deeper layers of muscle tissue. Deep Tissue is not a full body experience, but a concentration on targeted muscles to improve range of motion, postural alignment, alleviate stress and provide pain relief. Includes a pain relief topical treatment to provide the most benefit during and after your massage.

60/90 Minutes $110/$145

Hot Stone Massage


Experience true relaxation as heated, smoothed basalt river stones are expertly glided over your body. The heat penetrates deeply as essential oils help to soothe and relax while relieving stress, releasing toxins, alleviating pain and improving circulation.

60/90 Minutes $110/$149

Tropical Oasis Massage & Scalp Treatment

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Enjoy the healing properties of locally owned Barlean’s 100% Organic Coconut Oil in your full body massage and a luxurious heated oil hair & scalp treatment. With many health benefits, coconut oil is used in traditional medicine around the world.

Massages are either 60 or 90 minutes with an added 30 minute hair & scalp treatment.

90/120 Minutes $150/$195

Lomi Lomi

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Enter the world of ancient sacred healing, the tradition of Hawaiian lomi lomi. To the healers of old Hawaii, lomi lomi was much more than massage. It nurtures and connects the body, mind and heart. Fluid motion, like the ocean waves, and graceful movements lead you into blissful tranquility providing deep relaxation. Tropical Hawaiian body butter deeply nourishes your skin for added hydration.

60/90 Minutes $112/$147

Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage

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From the Japanese words “ashi” (foot), and “atsu” (pressure), this ultimate deep-massage therapy is performed with bare feet. As the Practitioner uses overhead bars for balance, their feet apply soothing strokes and deep pressure to offer relief to chronic pain and stress. This massage induces relaxation, releases sore and tight muscles and stimulates the circulatory system.

60/90 Minutes $110/$145


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Pressure point massage techniques that correspond to various areas of the body are applied to hands and feet in this popular alternative therapy. Each pressure point relates to another area of the body to encourage healing in this 5,000 year old therapeutic practice. Benefits include reduced stress, tension and pain.

30 Minutes (Hands or Feet) $65 60 Minutes

(Hands & Feet) $110


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Craniosacral therapy induces a deep relaxing calm and sense of well-being. The Practitioner uses a gentle, light touch to relax the soft tissues surrounding the Central Nervous System which enhances the body’s natural healing processes. This unique therapy may help alleviate a wide range of issues including chronic pain, migraines, physical dysfunction, fatigue, emotional imbalance and nervous tension.

60 Minutes $110

Connective Tissue Unwinding

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Connective Tissue Unwinding helps treat chronic pain and restriction of motion by releasing the fascial network which overlays and wraps the tissues of the body. Using minimal oil, the Practitioner will perform specific movements that help to release toxins, chronic pain, and trigger points by creating space in the body for the tissues to move freely.

60 Minutes $110

Nourishing Scalp Massage

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Enjoy a stimulating scalp massage while hydrating and restoring shine to your hair. Heated organic coconut oil is drizzled on your scalp and gently massaged in. Relax while your head is wrapped in soothing warm towels as massage eases tension in your shoulders, neck, and arms.

30 Minutes $65

Prenatal Massage

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Focusing on areas of stress – lower back, neck, hips, legs and feet, much needed relaxation and physical relief is given to nurture both mother and baby. Our body cushions support the mother and cradles the tummy, alleviating discomfort.

60/90 Minutes $110/$145

Great Expectations Prenatal Massage and Body Treatment

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Treat yourself to well deserved rest and relaxation during your pregnancy. A perfect combination of gentle exfoliation, prenatal massage and ultimate hydration leave you feeling renewed and relaxed.

60 Minutes $110

Couples Massage

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Spend some relaxing time with your partner or a friend and enjoy your choice of our massage experiences in an adjoining room.

Hotel Room Massage

Hotel guests can indulge in a relaxing massage without leaving the comfort of their room.

Swedish Massage 60 Minutes $120

Swedish Massage 90 Minutes $170

Deep Tissue Massage 60 Minutes $140

Deep Tissue Massage 90 Minutes $190

In-Room Chair Massage 30 Minutes $60

(18% gratuity will be added to all in room services)