in your busy day come in and take some time for renewal!


Take a moment!

Therapist focuses in on the left foot of client as they apply pressure to alleviate muscle tension in foot and body.
Threapist applies pressure to the upper right of clients neck and shoulder to release tension to achey muscles.
Esthetician massages clients face after treatment while client relaxes atop massage table.




Take a breather and get one of these rejuvenating treatments!






Swedish Massage


This classic technique promotes relaxation, releases tension and stress, improves circulation and soothes aching muscles. For the most benefit in this shorter time frame, let your Practitioner know which areas of the body to focus on.


30 Minutes         $67


Neck, Back & Shoulder Massage


This massage is designed to quickly relieve sore and tight muscles in the upper body. Includes a pain relief topical treatment to provide the most benefit during and after your massage.


30 Minutes         $67




Pressure point massage techniques that correspond to various areas of the body are applied to hands or feet in this popular alternative therapy. Each pressure point relates to another area of the body to encourage healing in this 5,000 year old therapeutic practice. Benefits include reduced stress, tension and pain.


30 Minutes (Hands or Feet)         $67


Express Facial 


This quick, effective facial includes an exfoliating cleanse, tone, masque and moisturizer. Excludes extractions. The Express Facial is perfect for basic skin care maintenance of healthy skin. 


30 Minutes         $78


Cleanse and prep followed by our SkinC 
medical grade 30% peel to be

customized for your skin type. 

30 Minutes          $68 


Nourishing Scalp Massage 


Enjoy a stimulating scalp massage while hydrating and restoring shine to your hair. Heated organic coconut oil is drizzled on your scalp and gently massaged in. Relax while your head is wrapped in soothing warm towels as massage eases tension in your shoulders, neck, and arms.


30 Minutes         $65





Female client lays atop a massage table while therapist focuses on scalp massage.

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