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Truffle Fries fresh cut russet potatoes, thyme, parmesan, truffle oil, roasted garlic aioli

Hummus Platter lemon-garlic hummus, fresh vegetables,

pita wedges, olives 11gfo 

Smoked Salmon house smoked, dill cream cheese, pickled red onions,

capers, crostini 15gfo 

Steamed Manila Clams garlic, chili flake, saffron, sun-dried tomato, grilled baguette, herbs 19gfo 

Fried Calamari mixed greens, red pepper aioli 10 

Charcuterie artisan cured meats, market cheese, gherkins, pickled red onion, mustard, crostini 19gfo 

Crab Cakes dungeness crab mix, arugula, ancho lime aioli 15


Quinoa and Yam Cakes seared, arugula, roasted red pepper aioli 10


Oysters on the Half Shell* half dozen market fresh raw oysters,

chef’s mignonette 15 gf


Soups & Salads 

add grilled free range chicken 5; smoked wild caught salmon,

seared ahi tuna, or, grilled steak* 


Soup du jour cup 6 bowl

Seafood Chowder new england style, fresh market catch, clams, parmesan toast points: cup 7 bowl 12

Caesar romaine, house cheese mix, house caesar dressing,

wonton strips, pine nuts 9gfo 

House mixed greens, pear, local big leaf maple & gorgonzola vinaigrette,

roasted walnuts 10gf 

Wilted Spinach Salad tomato, sautéed mushroom, pickled red onion,

boiled egg, bacon, hot balsamic dressing 12gf 

Beet arugula,gold and red beets, roasted shallot vinaigrette, spiced pecans, gothberg chevre 11 gf 

Soup & Salad cup of soup or chowder with choice of small salad 12.5



sandwiches & burgers served with fresh cut fries, salad or a cup of soup sub. truffle fries 1 chowder 3 gluten free bun 1



Vegetarian Muffuletta marinated portabella, pickled vegetable/olive relish, braised greens, smoked provolone, tomato, creole mustard, avenue panini half 9 whole 13 gfo add artisan cured meats 3/5 

Crab Melt dungeness crab mix, avenue english muffin, fresh tomato, melted smoked provolone 16 gfo

Reuben corned beef,
maasdammer, kimchee mesquite remoulade, pangea ferments garlic dill sauerkraut, avenue marble rye half 9 whole 13 gfo

Keenan’s Burger* hand formed chuck beef patty, arugula, tomato chutney, red onion, red pepper aioli, avenue bun, with choice of cheese 15 quinoa & yam patty 16 add bacon 3 sautéed mushrooms 2.5 

Smoked Chicken smoked chicken salad, pear, walnut, 
appel farms quark, tomato, creole mustard, grilled avenue sourdough half 9 whole13 gfo



House Specialties 


Blackened Fish Taco alaskan true cod, napa cabbage, corn salsa, grilled tortillas, ancho-lime aioli, corn chips 12 gfo 

Fish & Chips alaskan true cod, light beer batter, fresh cut fries,

tartar sauce, coleslaw 14 

Steak House Salad* grilled steak, mixed greens, bacon, diced tomatoes, bleu cheese dressing 16 gfo 

Pier Cobb prawns, avocado, shropshire, boiled egg, grape tomato, pickled red onion, olives, blue cheese dressing 16 gf 

The Chrysalis Bowl brown rice, braised greens, pickled butternut, pickled beets 9 with blackened alaskan cod 15 gf 

Cioppino rock shrimp, cod, clams, fresh market catch, house spiced tomato fennel broth, crostini 20 gfo 

Market Fresh Catch* ask your server for today’s selection, preparation & price





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